Reem Zahrawi

Reem Zahrawi


Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

About Reem Zahrawi

Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

United Arab Emirates

Refractive procedures such as LASIK, PRK, Lasik Intralase, intracorneal rings using intralase tunnels and cross-linking operations


Ph D ( Prof. Promotion) Ophthalmology ( Germany)

Full Time



Prior to joining Mediclinic Dubai Mall, Dr. Zahrawi was Professor of Ophthalmology at Aleppo University in Syria. She has also worked in her own private practice where she performed anterior segment, phaco, glaucoma squint, refractive and plastic surgeries. She has performed more than 3,000 LASIK eye surgeries

She is a member of the Syrian Society of Ophthalmologists and the Arabic Council of Eye Diseases, among others.


English, Arabic, German

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