Riad Mounayer

Riad Mounayer

ENT Specialist

Mediclinic - Ibn Battuta Mall

About Riad Mounayer

Mediclinic - Ibn Battuta Mall

United Arab Emirates

M D, Diploma( Otolaryngology), Diploma ( Audiology)

Full Time



Dr. Riad Mounayer is an ear nose and throat consultant at Mediclinic Middle East

Dr. Mounayer completed his specialist training in otorhinolaryngology in France in 1982. Before that he earned an MD from the University of Damascus. He has practised in Syria, the UAE and France

He is a board member of the Cochlear Implantation Program and the Scientific Board of ENT both in Syria. He is affiliated with the Syrian ENT society, the French Association of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery, the Portman Foundation and the Pan Arab Rhinology Society

Dr. Mounayer has expertise in performing surgeries including transnasal hypophysectomy and plastic surgery rhinoplasty.


English, Arabic, French

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