Ricardo Persaud (onc)

Ricardo Persaud (onc)

ENT Specialist

Al Zahra Hospital

About Ricardo Persaud (onc)

Dr. Ricardo is a UK-trained ENT, Thyroid and Nasal Plastic Surgeon and the only surgeon in the UAE with Certificate of Completion of Training in Otolaryngology from the United Kingdom (CCT Otol.UK)

He is a British national who is recognized internationally for his surgical skills and clinical expertise as well as his teaching, training and writing abilities with over 100 publications, including 7 ENT Books

After training at some of UK's finest teaching hospitals, Dr. Ricardo obtained the highly prestigious Fellowship from the Royal college of Surgeons of England

He subsequently received advanced training in Rhinology, mainly focusing on Sinus and Nasal Plastic Surgery, from Imperial College London Hospitals (St Marys Campus)

With over 2 decades of experience as a Doctor and 17 years as an ENT Surgeon he has performed over 8000 ENT operations and offers superior expertise in General ENT conditions (acute and chronic) affecting both children and adults

Dr. Ricardo also offers supra-specialized Consultant knowledge and surgical skills in the nose, sinuses, thyroid and other conditions that affect the head and neck regions

He takes pride in constantly refining his technical skills and continuing his learning in an effort to provide the best outcomes and is committed to improving the well being of each patient who enters his practice

Dr. Ricardo Persaud is currently based at the well-renowned Al Zahra Private Hospitals in both its Sharjah and Dubai branches. He is the Head of the ENT Department in Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah.

Al Zahra Hospital

United Arab Emirates

B T E C, H N C, M B B S ( Lond), M P H I L, M S B, C B I O L, D O H N S, M R C S ( Gen Surg), F R C S ( O R L- H N S), C C T ( Otol) ( U K) Certificate of Completion of Training in Otolaryngology

Full Time



C C T Otolaryngology ( U K) - 2011

F R C S O R L- H N S ( Eng) - 2009

D O- H N S ( Eng) - 2003

C Biol ( Chartered Biologist - Europe) - 2001

M S B ( Member of Society of Biology, U K; equal to M Sc) - 2001

M R C S ( Eng) - 2000

M Phil ( University of London, Neuroendocrine Thesis) - 1994

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