Sankaranarayanan Krishnamoorthy

Sankaranarayanan Krishnamoorthy


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About Sankaranarayanan Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Sankaranarayanan is a very skilled and experienced Neonatologist. He has extensive training in Neonatology in India and UK. He has looked after babies from 23 weeks of gestation with a variety of medical and surgical conditions. He has completed his CCT in Neonatology following his training in the North Western deanery, Manchester, UK. He has worked at several tertiary neonatal units in UK and in India

He is also a member of the reputed Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health & Indian Academy of Pediatrics and Neonatology forum of India and has over 10 publications in National and International journals.

International Modern Hospital

United Arab Emirates

C C T- U K( Neonatology), M D( Pedia), D N B( Pedia) D C H, D M( Neonatology), M R C P Ch( U K)

Full Time



Manages problems of newborns and pre-term neonates which requires Intensive Care Support like

Respiratory Distress

Cardiovascular Problems

Neurological concerns

Surgical Intervention (Pre & Post Care)

Feeding Problems

Routine Newborn Care

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