Shadi Sharifi

Shadi Sharifi


Saudi German Hospital

About Shadi Sharifi

She has been graduate from the faculty of Medicine and Health sciences at Claude Bernard University, then pursued her postdoctoral position in Neurophysiology and Sleep Medicine, at INSERM U480, Lyon-France.

Saudi German Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Managing, evaluated and treated all type of Neurologic Sleep Disorders.

Insomnia (acute, chronic, comorbid, maintenance, others)

Breathing disorders, movement disorders, excessive daytime sleepiness.

Abnormal behaviors & movements disorders.


Clinical Sleep Study (Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Seizure, MSLT, PLM, RLS, EDS)

All type of headache: tension, cluster and chronic daily headaches.

Cognitive dysfunction

Ph. D. ( France), French Board of Sleep Medicine., European Sleep Research Society, French Neuroscience Society

Full Time



years of Experience

Neuroscience & Stroke

English, French, Persian

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