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Al Zahra Hospital

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Al Zahra Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Cardiac Catheterization and devices

Primary percutaneous angioplasty: Management of Heart attacks within 90 minutes by emergency opening of the blocked artery by balloon and metallic scaffold which help heart to recover perfectly

Bioabsorable coronary stenting: New technology stent completely absorbed by the body without leaving any metallic stent

Implantable pacemaker: -Single chamber or single wire in one of the heart chamber.Dual chamber or 2 wires or Biventricular or 3 wires or leads Implanted under the skin under local anaesthesia

Implantable ICD: Shockable device Implanted under the skin under local anaesthesia.

M B Bc H, M R C P ( U K), M Sc, M D Cardiology

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