Tarek Saleh

Tarek Saleh

Internist (Internal Medicine)

B R Medical Suits

About Tarek Saleh

B R Medical Suits Medcare Multi Specialty Hospital

United Arab Emirates


Full Time



Medical school: M D Paris V I University

Internship: Pitie- Salpetriere University Hospital , Paris V I

Residency and fellowship: Bichat- Claude Bernard University Hospital, Paris. Robert Debre Hospital, Paris

French Board certified in Gastroenterology, 1988, Pediatric endoscopy, 1990

Metabolic Applied Research Strategy Honor Code Certificate

European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: ESGE

French Society of Gastroenterology

American Gastroenterology Association: AGA

North American Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology (NASPGHAN)

International Federation of Surgery Obesity: IFSO: 2015

Consultant in endoscopy unit at university hospital Bichat (Tertiary Center Paris): from 1986 till 1994.

Consultant in pediatric and neonatal endoscopy unit, children hospital Robert Debre (tertiary center,Paris): from 1988 till 1994.

Chairman of training center in the Middle East, workshop for intragastric balloon for the treatment of obesity: from 2000 inserted more than 1700 intragastric balloon.

Gastric botox injections to lose weight

POSE procedure (endoscopic gastric plication): first procedure done in the middle east on 24 September 2012: have performed more than 180 such procedures.

Chairperson of GOSS: Gulf Obesity meeting 2014

Lecturer at Arab Health: 14th Middle East Surgery Conference 27-29 January 2015

Lose weight without surgery

Gastric balloon insertion and removal


botox injection

Gastric plications

Gastric plications for regain weight after gastric bypass



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