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Dr. Tareq Aldabbas completed his General Medicine program in 2005 from Charles University in Prague {founded 1348} and subsequently went on to do his specialization in Neurology from the Ministry of Health in Prague, Czech Republic. He completed his board exam of neurology in 2010, he has done the exam with praise (summa cum laude)

In his most recent assignment before joining NMC Hospital Deira as Specialist Neurologist, he was the Neurologist for the City Hospital of Most, Czech Republic. He has more than 10 years of experience in inpatient and outpatient settings from one of the biggest hospitals in Czech Republic (KZ a.s) in its branch in city of Most, where he treated neurological disorders such as headache and migraine, back and neck pain with radiculopathy and myopathy, neuropathy,stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, head and spinal trauma and inflammation and tumors, neuromuscular diseases, peripheral nerve disorders and all type of neurological diseases. He has been involved in diagnosis and treatment in rare conditions like Pompe disease, Wilson disease, Charcot Marie tooth disease, etc

He has more than 4 years experience in Neurophysiological procedures particularly in EMG (needle EMG, nerve conduction study and repetitive nerve stimulation) also evoked potentials (MEP, SSEP, VEP, BAEP), he can correctly interpret CT/MRI scans of brain, spinal canal and spinal cord, EEG reading, have deducted more than 300 lumbar punctures to examine cerebrospinal fluid, and has done many nerve/ root injections. He also has worked in Stroke unit (intravenous thrombolysis) and in cooperation with interventional radiologists and neurosurgeons also have refered patients to intracranial embolectomy, stenting of cartotid and vertebral artery and endarterectomy and other neurosurgical procedures

He is a member of various professional bodies like Czech Neurological Society, Czech Society of Headache, European Academy of Neurology and European Federation of Neurological Societies. He has attended many Czech and European congresses and seminars.

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