Thanaa Ward

Thanaa Ward

Dermatology Specialist

Saudi German Hospital

About Thanaa Ward

Dr. Thanna received MD in 1986. She went to England for 4 years, did more practice, having 2 years in Sant Johon dermatology centre in London & 2 years in Royal Liverpool University Hospital during that registered in British GMC (General Medical council) in 1995. She went to Aleppo back to practice dermatology surgery, laser, botox, fillers, UV treatment, in private & laser clinic. She also supervising the postgraduate doctor, government job. In 2013 She join SGH as specialist Dermatology

Saudi German Hospital

United Arab Emirates

All dermatology cases, minor surgery( moles, cyst, warts, nails, biopsy, tumor)

Management of Chronic Eczyma, Psoriasis by UVA, UVB treatment.

General Skin Diseases

Minor Surgery of skin disease

Laser treatment (Hair Removal, Skin Scar, Skin Rejuvenation, Cellulite)

Chemical Peel



M D, 1986, Master in Dermatology, 1990, Member in British G M C

Full Time



26 years of experience26 years of experience


English, Arabic

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