Waleed Elsharkawy

Waleed Elsharkawy


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About Waleed Elsharkawy

Mediclinic - Meadows Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

United Arab Emirates

M B B C H, M D ( Radiodiagnosis), F R C R ( U K)

Full Time



Dr. Elsharkawy has previously worked with the Police Authority Hospitals in Egypt as both a radiology registrar and radiology specialist (after earning his masters degree), as well as King AbdulAziz Specialist Hospitals in Saudi Arabia as a specialist radiologist

His areas of special interest are interventional radiology, including image-guided biopsy and drainage as well as FNA; PCN, PTC and PTD as well as cholecystostomy; IVC filter insertion; diagnostic conventional angiography; and ultrasound studies, including conventional, superficial and soft tissue, small parts as well as breast and Doppler (venous and arterial cases) studies; conventional X-Ray and fluoroscopic examinations and interpretation; cross-sectional imaging including interpretation of the MRI and CT cases; and breast imaging including mammography, ultrasound and MRI.

Radiology,Interventional Radiology

English, Arabic

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