Zakwan Khrait

Zakwan Khrait

Internist (Internal Medicine)

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United Arab Emirates


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2004-2007 / hospital Paul de Viguier - C H U T O U L O U S E - France, sub specialization certificate in infertility and Medicine of Reproduction ( A. F. S. A), Thesis : Insemination intra-uterine .

1998-2002 / T I S H R E E N University - L A T T A K I A - S Y R I A, Master Degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Thesis : labor induction in premature rupture of membrane by prostaglandins.

1992-1998/ Faculty of Medicine - University of Aleppo - A L E P P O - S Y R I A, Doctor of Medicine Diploma ( M. D), Thesis : ultra-sound in Obstetrics

2007 D. U Medicine and Biology Of Reproduction. ( University P A R I S 6 / F R A N C E )

2006 D. U Laparoscopy In Gynecology. ( Hospital Cochin University P A R I S 6 / F R A N C E )

2006 D. U. E ( European University diploma) Hysteroscopy. ( University Paris 11 - F R A N C E )

2005 D. U Treatments In Sterility. ( University Paris 11 - F R A N C E )

Since June 2015 ( Medcare Fertility Center / Dubai ), reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist.

Dec. 2007- May 2015 ( Dr.khrait IVF center / Aleppo / Syria), Chairman and director of private IVF and infertility center ( Al-Shahbaa Hospital / Dr.Jabal Hospital ), (45-70 cycle per month)

2007-2009 ( University hospital of Aleppo / Syria), Head of department (infertility and IVF unite) ; Infertility consultant.

2004-2007 ( Hospital Paule de Viguier /Toulouse/ France), fellowship in Medicine Of Reproduction, IVF, (infertility clinics, IVF laboratories, male sterility clinic, monitoring and sonography )

2003-2004 ( University hospital of Aleppo / Syria), Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology university Hospital (labor unites / theatre / emergency - clinics )

2002-2003 (Hospital of Queen Sofia / Cordoba / Spain), Specialized Program: Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy / 4 months

1998-2002 (TESHRINE University - Lattaqia - SYRIA), Training program intended for Master Degree students of (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Actively involved in running the Assisted Conception Unit with the unit Director, and teaching junior doctors and nurses the different aspects of reproductive medicine.

Counselling infertile couples, ovarian super ovulation programmes, and intrauterine Inseminations.

Performed a series of procedures of egg collection and embryo transfers (800 cycles/year). Assessing ovarian response using transvaginal ultrasound and hormonal profiles.

Good knowledge of Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authorityregulations and code of practice.

Played a significant role in enabling the Assisted Conception Unit to increase

its annual number of IVF treatment cycles and intra-uterine inseminations.

Prominent experience in PESA,TESE and testicular biopsy.

A good experience in fertility laparoscopic and hysteroscopic cannulation of fallopian tubes.

Transvaginal scanning for follicular monitoring and general gynaecological conditions.

Fertility clinic weekly.

Weekly general gynaecology clinic.

Experienced in transvaginal scanning.

Laparoscopic adhesiolysis, ovarian drilling and ablation of endometriosis.

Performed large series of Hysteroscopies.



Arabic, English, French

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